There are many legends about Ararat, it was not once described in the Bible as the place of the first altar erected after the Flood. Climbing Ararat is an opportunity to climb 5000 without any mountain climbing experience and a great chance to get acquainted with the most ancient cultural traditions of Turkey as part of our team.

The mountain is special, because here everyone finds what he was looking for and receives answers to his questions, and even more. It is not complicated from the point of view of technology. And we will be there with you, which means everything will work out. And everything that depends on a person will come true!

Climbing program to Mount Ararat
8 days
High quality
Mount Ararat Expedition

Day 1: Airport Iğdır – Dogubeyazit
Meet the group at airport and transfer to hotel in Dogubeyazit.

Day 2: Dogubeyazit – Mt Ararat (Base camp I, 3200 m)

In the morning transfer till Eli or Cevirme village by minibus. We begin our trek – today to 1. camp at 3.200 m. Our trekking takes about five hours. Our baggages will be carried by horses or mules. Diner and overnight at camp.
Day 3: Base camp II (4200 m), Base camp I (3200 m)

Acclimatization trip to the 2nd base camp (4200 m). Descent to the 1st base camp (3200 m). Breakfast and dinner at the camp, overnight in tents.

Individual Approach
Day 4: Base camp II (4200 m)

After breakfast trek to camp II (4200 m). Trekking takes about 4 hours. Our baggage will be carried on by horses. After the afternoon we just rest and prepared for the next day, because we will go up to the summit the night. Overnight camp with all meals.
Day 5 : Summit Day (5.137 m)

We start trekking early in the morning (at 2 a.m.) after breakfast. After 5-7 hours we are on the Top of Mount Ararat (5137 m). Afterwards we return to Base camp 2, have a short rest, then we start to Base camp I, (3200 m).
Day 6. Descent to the village of Eli (2200 m), transfer to Dogubayazit. Rest.
Day 7. Walk around the city of Dogubayazit, visiting local attractions, one of the most interesting is the palace of Ishaq Pasha. Have dinner at the Kurdish guides at home.
Day 8. Charges and transfer to the airport, departure of the climb participants.
For those who already have good acclimatization at the time of climbing, we suggest that you consider climbing options in 6 or 4 days
We, Cuma Saltik and Adem Saltik are guides of the holy Mount Ararat, madly in love with their country and their land Agri Dagi. Together with family and friends, we created a powerful company of strong-minded people, a company called AraratSaltik.
And for many years we have been helping you discover a new peak - Ararat (Turkish Agri Dagi), to feel the beauty and power of the sacred mountain. Each time we give a little of our soul!

Our native language is Turkish, but we are fluent in English, we know a little Russian. We have wonderful partner friends who know Ukrainian and Russian, and are always ready to be the second guides in our groups when necessary.

For over 23 years we have been meeting guests from different places and countries. Experience tells us that we will definitely understand each other and will remain good friends!

Cuma Saltik (father) and Adem Saltik (son), 2019 year
Each climb is unique and unforgettable! Watch a video of our members to experience the atmosphere
Our climbers share their impressions :)
Hello to all my friends, I want to recommend Ararat Saltik, a great team, Adem Saltik is one of the best guides, leads calmly, sees everyone's condition, keeps a fun atmosphere in the team! Climbing brings pleasure all the way!!!
Good luck Adem!!!
Excellent climbing organization. Good team, and especially the Cuma guide.
Although we did not get to the top due to bad weather (more than a meter of snow fell during the day), but Juma did everything possible for this. He even offered to wait a couple of days at 4000m.n.m. In general, we will try next year. See you in beloved Turkey
AraratSaltik guys are not just good guides. These are incredible people who later become good friends. With them you can not only go to the legendary Mount Ararat, anywhere with them! And it doesn't matter how old you are, what country you are from and what faith - Adem Saltik, Cuma Saltik are very attentive to their guests, it is always very comfortable, safe and interesting here!
Everything very nice!
Adem very good guide, who want come to Ararat with Adem - welcome!

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